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NOLA Unlocking Service - November 2018

 Remember to call 911 before calling us.

NOLA Unlocking Service understands the stress & hardship associated with accidentally locking a child in the car during the summer or winter months.

For this reason we have stepped up and started a new service called the ...

Emergency Child Car Door Unlocking program. 

FREE of charge to the customer. 

In addition, we place your service call as a priority ahead of all other service calls.

NOLA Unlocking Service - August 2018



NOLA Unlocking Service / Car Door Unlocking Service, has over 12 years of car door unlocking experience, with that experience we are able to make most of our own tools specifically to open your vehicle. With our tools we can normally open a vehicle with in 5 minutes.

NOLA Unlocking Service

For service call 504-288-7084



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