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Ashley - November 2019

What quick service...

On Wednesday November 27, 2019.
I decided to make one last stop at the mall for one more item before heading to the airport for the Thanksgiving Holiday. 
On retuning to my vehicle I accidentally locked my keys in the trunk with the item I had purchased. I immediately became frantic because my flight was scheduled to leave in 1 &1/2 hours. I called my father and explained to him what I had done and he immediately got on the internet with his phone, and looked on Google and found NOLA Unlocking Service.
With in minutes they arrived and opened my trunk, leaving me enough time to make my flight. I can't thank NOLA Unlocking Service enough for saving my day.

Thanks, & Happy Thanksgiving
NOLA Unlocking Service
Jamie - August 2019

I am so great full ...

I want to tell you all how wonderful NOLA Unlocking Service was to me. On August 3, 2019 I went shopping at the Clearview Mall, with my 11 month year old daughter.
When we arrived I gathered my baby belongings/bag and accidentally locked my keys in the vehicle with my child in the car. I immediately panicked.
A couple minutes later I decided to call a car door unlocking company and the company stated that it would be 25-30 minutes before someone to arrive to unlock my vehicle.
I then called 911 for help. After a 1 or 2 minutes of panicking a security officer came by, and he starting calling other car door unlocking company's and found 
NOLA Unlocking Service and they said they would be their in 5 minutes. With great surprise they arrived within 5 minutes and had the door unlocked before the 
police or the other car door unlocking company arrived. When I asked how much I owe you all, they said nothing, when a baby is locked in a car the service is free. 

How can I ever repay them back, saving my daughters life. Sincerely Jamie
Thankful Mom - June 2019

Today while pulling signs at the storage unit in the hot Louisiana sun, a nice lady quickly walked up to me visibly upset. 

She had inadvertently closed the door to her vehicle while at her unit. The door locked leaving her baby in the car with the keys in the ignition. 

Although the car was running and the air conditioning was on, it was a very tense situation. She needed my phone to call for help.

I remembered seeing a post on Facebook about free car unlocking for babies in the car. We called the number to NOLA Unlocking Service

and they came right over and unlocked her car without charging her. 

Kudos to this fabulous company for coming to the aid of a very nervous mother and delivering this service free of charge. 

I believe God always puts people where we need to be, and today Mark and Joe were heroes!! 

Thank you to this fabulous local company- please support them so they can continue to do the great work of helping people in need!! 

Kevin - November 2018


On Friday January 26 at about 1:30am I accidentally locked my keys in the car, at a gas station. 

I immediately called another car door unlocking service and when they arrived. 

They attempted to unlock my vehicle, after 20 minutes trying, I realized that they would be unable to unlock my car.  

I then made the decision to call NOLA Unlocking Service and with in no time they arrived and unlocked my car. 

With great surprise their price was much cheaper the the other company ... I'll recommend NOLA Unlocking Service to anyone.

Thanks NOLA Unlocking Service ... Kevin


Mr. Armstrong - November 2018


On November 8, 2018,  I was in City Park with my family and I locked my keys in the car.  I called that other unlocking service and waited.


After 2 hours  I realized, they may never come, So I called NOLA Unlocking Service, they arrived quickly and  in no time they unlocked my vehicle. 


With great surprise the price was much cheaper then that other company.  I can say that I was very impressed with the service. 


 Mr. Armstrong


Sybil - September 2018


When getting my grandchild ready for school on September 28,2018 I realized that I had  locked my keys in the car the night before.

 I started to panic thinking my grand child will be late for school, Then I remembered meeting Joe from NOLA unlocking Service 

the week before, and he gave me one of his business cards, I called him and within minutes he came by and 

opened my vehicle and I was so relieved that I was still able to bring my grand child to school with out her being late...

Ms Sybil


Cindy - August 2018



I wanted to thank NOLA Unlocking Service for giving me such good service. Here is my story. 

Back in late August 2018 my 3 year old daughter and I , were locked out of our vehicle at the super market in 100 degree weather.

 I called NOLA Unlocking Service and they were so understanding and polite,  it just took the stress out of the situation. 

It took the technician no time to arrive, and with great surprise the price was very reasonable.


Thanks Again

NOLA Unlocking Service

Cindy :-)




For service call 504-288-7084



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